Biotechnology and Morality

Biotechnology and MoralityIt seems that biotechnology is, in essence, a wonderful thing. We can help cure disease, create enough food to feed large populations and even made the food we eat taste even better. However, from a moral perspective the matter is not that simple. In fact, it is very complicated. Many people object to the use of biotechnology especially with regards to altering animal and human genes.

With regards to animals, there are two clear issues that people have. The first is that altering an animal could be harmful to the creature itself. Another problem might be the effect that it might have on humans if they eat and, or are exposed to large amounts of the genetically modified animal.

When we get into the discussion surrounding the alteration of human genes, the discussion is complex too. Few people would argue that improving the health of a baby is a beneficial thing. However, many people have great concerns that when we start to alter the DNA of a person, then we are opening up space whereby the technology could be used for genetic selection by parents when it comes to factors such as hair colour and intellectual ability. There are urgent calls for government intervention and legislation when it comes to the area of gene alteration. Many people think that it is difficult to make the distinction between gene modification for health and aesthetics. For example, many are concerned about where the line would come down in reference to being overweight. The condition can be crucial to health but many consider this to be a step too far.

The ethical debates are raging, especially in religious circles, about interfering in the production of human life. However, with science progressing at a rapid rate, it is crucial that these conversations take place ASAP.