Biotechnology in the Future

Biotechnology in the FutureThough biotechnology has already been incredibly successful in matters such as food production and curing disease, many people believe that the technology has the ability to do far more. Here we will look at some of the ways in which it could be used to make more progress in the world of medicine.

As the population has grown, the world is plundering its resources of fossil fuels. It is believed that with the use of biotechnology we can create new fuels that otherwise would take millions of years to germinate and form. Instead of using coal, we can create an easily replaceable and clean substance that we can use to make energy instead.

Population growth is also putting a great strain on food production. Though we already use this technology it is thought that it could easily be increased in an attempt to eradicate poverty across the globe. Another benefit would be the reduction of pesticides, which are thought to be more dangerous than GM crops.

One of the most exciting prospects in the scientific community is potentially converting carbon dioxide into energy. This would have a dual benefit in that it would reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and this help control global warming, and also generate energy from a waste product which is all around us.

When it comes to threats to public health, the thing that health professionals fear most is the outbreak of a pandemic. We have seen this recently, with the swine flu and the Ebola virus. The main issue regarding these type of outbreaks is that, often, they are new and can develop very quickly. It is believed that biotechnology can provide solutions by giving us the tools to quickly develop a vaccine to treat a pandemic and stop it from ravaging the world’s population.