How Biotechnology Helps Us

How Biotechnology Helps UsHow, and even if, biotechnology assists us in society, largely depends on who you ask. However, it is safe to assume that without it there would less food, more disease and our quality of life would be greatly reduced. Though it is important to understand that if biotechnology had not been developed we may have discovered another way to, for example, grow extensive crops or develop modern medicines.

There are of course numerous ways in which biotechnology has helped improve our lives and here we will only discuss a few. It is important to remember that there are secondary consequences of biotechnology which may not at first be obvious, such as, been able to produce large amounts of crops not only feeds populations but can also help in maintaining habitats for many forms of plants and animals, especially ones whose natural habitats were dying out.

Food production is indeed one of the primary benefits of biotechnology, this normally comes under the umbrella term of agricultural biotechnology and also encompasses other factors. Many argue that without the use of biotechnology that we would not be able to feed the world’s population. Though it must be noted that many are against the use of extensive GM foods.

Medicinal development is another area in which biotechnology has helped us progress greatly. Not only in curing disease with the creation of new drugs but also in preventing them in unborn babies, by using gene therapy.

The use of biotechnology can also have positive, as well as negative, effects on the environment. A positive example where the technology is used is in the clean-up of biological waste. It can be especially useful in, for example, cleaning up the aftermath of an oil spill.

In conclusion, most people agree that it provides an overall benefit so long as it is used and regulated properly.